Test Film for Alterline Commission

This test film was produced by the South Bank Collective CIC as a final pitch for a commission to produce six short films for Alterline*.

The purpose of the Test Film was to showcase the required production levels from the film crew, in order to move on to the full commission.

Working in collaboration with Alterline, the film crew is currently undertaking the filming of six London South Bank University Alumni. These films will be used by the University’s Alumni Relations team to inspire staff and students alike, and will highlight stories of overcoming adversity.


*Alterline -

Alterline are creative, smart problem solvers. We drive growth for our clients by better understanding their customers’ experiences and translating that into strategy and action. We work across a number of sectors and have particular expertise in higher education, the student market, health and the NHS.


The South Bank Collective members involved in the production of this film and the ongoing commission are Eniko Horvath, Chris G Smith, Matthew W Stallard, and Chris Arrondelle. Filming is expected to be complete in Spring 2017.