I started photography at the very young age of 6. This interest started at a bowling alley in Southend-On-Sea, my home town, where my late granddad would let me use his camera. Ever since then I have been absolutely obsessed with the idea of photography. At the age of 15 I managed to purchase my own camera and up until late 2015 I was completely self-taught. At this time I moved to London to begin a course in Photography (BAhons) at London South Bank University. I am now half way through my degree. Through the course I have learnt lots, not just photography skills, but how to an independent and full life. Photography has not only let me express my artistic side, but it has helped me explore the world and opened countless doors, an example of this is that; in 2016 I managed to join 'The Ships Photographer' working on-board 'MV Arcadia' for the summer. This was one of the best experiences of my life. It allowed me to visit places such as: Iceland, Russia and Norway, which were some of the most picturesque places I have had the pleasure of seeing.

Exploring cultures and other peoples lives is something that is very closely to my heart. In 2014 I met my partner, Sandrine, who is from Luxembourg. Meeting her not only allowed me to find love, but also allowed me to see into how other people live. She has definitely been one of my main sources of inspiration, alongside my Nan, Uncle and aunt whom all raised me from a baby.

I love the idea of making a moment stand still forever, and in the words of Andy Worhol “The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do”.


Website: www.billymedmondsphoto.com

Instagram: billyedmondsphoto