Chris is a freelance Photographer and Creative Producer based in London, and working for the South Bank Collective CIC.

Born in Colchester, Essex in 1971, Chris has always had a passion for photography, and as a young child he would curate boxes of family photographs. Growing up, his love of travel became the main focus for his (self-taught) personal practice, and following a period of seven years, living in North Devon, Chris also developed a love of Landscape.

On returning to London in 2013, Chris found an alternate landscape that was just as beautiful, but he began to focus more and more upon the people, and their interactions, within the landscape. By 2015. Having built an extensive personal portfolio, Chris enrolled (as a mature student) at London South Bank University, to study for a photography Degree.

In his practice, Chris is constantly looking to evolve and create, new and interesting work. In his Photographic practice he looks for relationships between his subjects/sitters, and their potential viewers. His aim being to create emotional connections with his work that elevate it above a simple image.

Chris’ commercial work has included commissions for FASSI, and FASSI UK*. Ovarian Cancer Action, Wooden Spoon (Rugby charity), and LSBU Alumni Relations. He is also currently overseeing the production of six films which will be completed for Alterline in Spring 2017.

*(photography featured in the FASSI 2017 calendar, and a separate commissioned article/front page for FASSI UK trade magazine).

Instagram: chrisarrondelle


Twitter: chrisarrondelle