BA (Hons) Photography
Here, Now
Space - F BLOCK T2

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Here, Now showcases work by London South Bank University BA (Hons) Photography graduates. The exhibition marks the end of the degree programme and showcases photo-based works covering a range of subjects including architecture, automotive, fashion, game design and politics, using the forms of fine art, virtual reality, photo books, multi-channel work and projections.

The projects reflect a range of concerns that are important in an increasingly dystopian world where dramatic changes in the political stability, the environment and technology are changing the lives of humans in the world at an unstoppable speed. This is having new and unexpected consequences on the individual and points directly to the rise of anxiety and fear that permeates our contemporary society.
The photographic projects shown in the exhibition Here, Now communicate a breathing space where ideas and possibilities can be meditated upon, potentially inspiring new ways in which to co-exist or challenge what is happening around us.

The three-year BA (Hons) Photography course at London South Bank University enables students to combine forward-thinking creative practice with real-world opportunities. Encouraging a diversity of styles, practices and voices, and embracing innovations in technology and creativity, students work with a professionally active and diverse staff team to develop new work and pose challenging, imaginative questions. Curiosity and risk taking is valued and encouraged.

A key feature of the course is its emphasis on learning in live situations - production, exhibition, publishing and working with external clients and sponsors - enabling students to test their creativity and find audiences for their work. Students are encouraged to develop an individual creative practice and develop it to maturity, becoming confident and professional practitioners able to originate, grow and promote imaginative work with a focus on the future.