June 10th 7,30pm Southwark Playhouse

What is friendship? And what does it take to be an adult? Jo, Mary and Steph are stumbling through their 20s, spending every day filing complaints in a mundane London office. Meeting in primary school, the three girls have stuck by each others side through thick and thin. From first loves to STI’s, we invite you to join the girls on their rocky journey to adulthood.

“I only learnt recently that apparently we have three holes?”

Pinky Promise is a relatable and warm exploration of female friendship. It’s a character driven comedy, highlighting the dynamics between the three women, Steph knows what’s best, Mary has a job to do and Jo is just wondering what infection she’ll get next. When different personalities meet, can pinky promises truly be kept?

“Did you do anal?”
“Have you ever done it?”