Tom Chaplin

Presence is an ongoing photographic project which documents and explores the Lympstone Gardens estate in Peckham, at night. This project is my photographic expression of the place that I live, presenting the area as one of life and individualism. Initially drawn to the aesthetics of the area at night, due to the contrasting colours, lights and buildings, I quickly became drawn to the essentially empty, yet life-filled scenes before me. This fascination led me to capturing the environment around me, focusing on the spaces of transience which mediate our movement between experiences; walkways, carparks and stairways. The project has become an urban sublime exploration of a space regularly labeled as intimidating or unfriendly and became important to me that this place is documented and promoted as I see it as both a photographer but also as a resident. It is a place of dense multiculturalism, family and homes. As a romanticist view of this world, I hope to instill the awe and beauty I see in somewhere which could be considered simple and mundane.

This work is being exhibited as part of a group show 'Here, Now' at FreeRange, June 21-25th 2018.

*South Bank Collective helped to fund this project through a student bursary.