Tom is a freelance photographer, retoucher and tutor based in London. Much of his work revolves around portraiture, as the process of working with people to achieve a result is one of the most enjoyable things about photography as a medium. "I see the camera as merely the intermediary, bridging the gap between the photographer and subject, therefore the relationship created with my subjects is the most important aspect of my practice." The style of portraiture varies massively, from beauty to environmental, depending upon the scope of a brief or project. 

Tom draws from his knowledge of post processing a huge amount when photographing, and by knowing what the limits of programmes such as Photoshop are, enables him to be more creative and exciting when creating images. Whether it is high-end skin, pore and hair retouching, or colour and compositing, the professional use of these techniques allow him to adapt to any situation, and push the boundaries of the traditional photographic field. This is furthered by Tom's love for, and constant desire to travel.

Tom has worked commercially for companies such as Pepsi, Fassi, Macmillan Cancer Support, Make a wish Foundation and Cities at Dawn.

Editorial / Commercial Work